Mainly, there are six categories in the Golden Hexagon Journal –

  1. Real Estate News
  2. Business News
  3. Real Estate Data
  4. Real Estate Articles
  5. Business Articles
  6. Entertainment


Real Estate News

In the category of Real Estate News, it contains local real estate news, international real estate news, latest local property market news and latest international property market news. This category can support local realtors, real estate agents and brokers with latest real estate news and they can predict both local and international property markets just like that because of the journal’s genuine definite news.


Business News

Yes, the theme of the journal is real estate and it also includes local and international business news. If you made lots of money by exporting/importing goods and you want to invest some of your money in the Myanmar property market, what should you do?If you are a successful realtor but you’ve never known about automobiles and you want to buy a good cheap car, which journal should you read? The Golden Hexagon journal can solve those problems by reading the category of Business News and weekly car market analysis.


Real Estate Data

This is the special feature of the Golden Hexagon Journal and there are over 30,000 real estate data in our weekly journal. Real estate data can assist buyers, sellers and realtorswith information, locations and prices. No journal has as much data as ours, the Golden Hexagon Journal. If you want to buy/sell a house, you should advertise about your house in our journal for your business deal.


Real Estate Articles

Finance and law, house review and fengshui house are weekly features of the category, Real Estate Articles. Furthermore, Golden Hexagon Journal present international celebrities’ house weekly.


Business Articles

Weekly, Golden Hexagon Journal contains two business articles. One is Biography, about successful world class C.E.O. and other is Investment, about company which will invest in our country, Myanmar. Moreover, the journal weekly expresses some branch of literature catering to aesthetic enjoyment.



International movie review, book corner (book review), astrology and jokes are main features in this category of entertainment. Each feature in entertainment category is active and fresh.