Manpower Security

Manpower Security


Introduction of Golden Hexagon Security Services

Golden Hexagon Security Services is currently operating in providing security services to Factories, Warehouses, Residences, Restaurants and Hotels in Yangon. The operation management team is mainly composed of the management staffs and the retired military and police officers.


Golden Hexagon Security Services will deliver quality services with well-trained security guards to our client.

Quality Manpower – we deliver well-trained security guards for our client. Every security guard in GHSS has successfully completed a particular training course before serving the security work in certain location. Training courses covered following subjects such as –

A)     Basic Security Training

1)   Basic fire fighting

2)   General security and investigation course

3)   First aid

4)   Uniforms and grooming

5)   Basic criminal law and laws of arrest

6)   Communications

7)   Ethics and customer care

B)      Specalized Training course according to the requirements of the site

C)      On-Job Training Course

D)     Refresher Training Course according to the outcomes of the performance appraisal

E)      Advanced Training Course

Customer Service – our guards are trained in both security work and customer care service.

2.     The Security Scope of Work

The scope of works as follow:

(1)    Serving the guests/tenants with a welcome friendly and respectful attitude

(2)    Providing Access/Egress Control

(3)    Assisting in controlling the prohibited things bringing into Hotel

(4)    GHSS security guards are not allowed to enter a certain building unless the   respective authorized person gives the permission

(5)    Patrolling the areas of guard (Day & Night)

(6)    Security of Car Park

(7)    Providing Daily Operating Reports

(8)    Reporting in time on account of the special incident occurred at day and night time


In addition, the other scope of works required by the Client shall also be served besides above mentioned security scope of work. It is therefore we can understand, meet and exceed the expectations and needs of our client.

3.  Our Commitment

(a)    GHSS is responsible for the daily personal appearance of security personnel. GHSS Security shall provide security equipments such as torchlight and walkie-talkie etc. to support continuous performance according to the terms and conditions in contract.


(b)   GHSS Security shall agree to remove the security personnel from the site, whenever required to do so by the client, any security personnel considered by the client to be unsatisfactory or undesirable, within the limits of any applicable laws.


(c)    GHSS Security shall respond as necessary to accommodate additional duty hours as requested by the client. (The charges of additional duty hours will be discussed upon the request of the client).

(d)    If the list of goods and things is provided to Golden Hexagon Security Services for watch-over is damaged or lost, we will serve in accordance with the existing applicable laws and procedures of Myanmar.


(e)   Inspection and investigation of GHSS security services shall be through under the direct supervision and control of the managers and supervisors of GHSS.